*Note that this is not a full sized calendar frame*


Calendar Frames are now able to be engraved!

Please check photos to see how beautiful this looks.


These solid wood calendars are designed to fit Lang Vertical Calendars perfectly. The long vertical  frames are perfect to fit in areas where a full-sized calendar will not fit.  


The Calendar Frame comes with a tool-free removable back, to place the calendar in.  The reason for this is ease of inserting the calendar, without having it get pinched from sliding from the top.




9 3/4"w x 19 1/4"h x 2 1/8 "d


Measures 7-3/4"w x 15-1/2"h


2019 Lang Calendars:

Available at retail stores such as Hallmark or you can visit them online at:
https://www.calendars.com/searchProxy/?keyword=slim%20calendars l
(I have found these calendars on amazon for even better price.)



Created on 5x7 card stock paper and comes with an envelope.   I am able to place your sentiment on the inside of the card.


Calendar not included.


Due to the inherent qualities of wood and the handmade nature of the product, there may be slight variations in your custom wood product.


Orders ready to be shipped, in 7-10 Business Days.

Calendar Holder

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Fits lang slim calendars perfectly.  Cherry Wood Removeable base allows you to easily c.....
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