Wine Bottle Sweater Purple

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***If you prefer to pay with a CREDIT CARD, instead of PAYPAL, please contact me, by email, (which is found on the home page) before placing your order.***


Such an wonderful way to gift a bottle of wine, with this personalized Wine Sweater!


This listing is for "one" wine sweater.


Wooden Inscribed Tags, come with the bottle. You may select a per-made tag, or design one of your own.  Please view the photos, for examples of wooden tag quotes. 


Tags offered in three styles:

Cat Face


Heart Shaped


A great change from the standard paper gift bag.  After the the wine is finished, place the empty bottle back in the bag, insert some dried flowers inside and it makes a great shelf decoration.  


This wine bag, fits most standard wine bottles.  Like a sock, it is able to stretch to fit.


Wine Bottle not included.

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